Mac Donalds

Many of my friends know how much i hate Mc Donalds, because of corporate bullshit, and just over all creating an obese nation. Mind you I do in-fact understand it is everyone’s choice in that matter to eat continuously. But I’ve never looked passed that and looked at the good things they provide. I am at Mickey D’s and am using their free internet (helpful mind you) and I’m looking around and i see so many good things. Not the food mind you ( if your wondering i got a southern style chicken samich with just pickles, the only thing that comes close to chick fillet around my town) but on the walls its covered with a very local artist pieces, and pictures of things Menomonee Falls WI is known for. Like its waterfall and the lime kilns. Now don’t get me wrong this could easily be a ploy for the community that comes here. And in the bathroom there is local paper products for a fact and that might be cuz it saves cost on shipping and not cuz they want to support local businesses. But i like to give the world some grace for a first and second chance. Cuz I’m tired of getting bummed by life the universe and everything and although believing man is naturally evil that mankind has a chance to be good on its own once in a while. So just a tid bit for you guys to maybe be able to look past some biased bullshit and try findto some good in the world. It lightened my heart all i can do is try to lighten yours. If you would like to check out some of this guys art i recomend you do so. It’s pretty spectacular. No pun intended honestly. (you’ll get it if you check him out)

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